New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

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Re: New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

Start somewhere and go from there.  The RP doesn’t have as good of autofocus as the R6 but it’s not bad.  Some reviews could be before Canon made a huge improvement firmware update to the R and RP. I just got an R6 after having a R6 and a 5D Mark III.  I shoot weddings, Family portraits and senior portraits for a part time business. I started with much lower and lesser equipment. You don’t have to buy the best to get started and even make money.  Maybe start with a RP and a 24-105mm and bump up to R6 if you really have the budget. You still have a long way to go with technique, learning aperture, depth of field, composition etc. I started with a used kit that came with a 40D and a 28-135mm and 70-300 when they had 60D. I cut my teeth on that playing around and then got a 50mm 1.8 to learn about depth of field and portraits. My first interest was landscape and wildlife. I played with that a while before getting more into portraits. My interests from the beginning definitely shifted as I shot more.  I’m glad I didn’t buy too much from the beginning before learning what all does what by experience. You can always buy and upgrade anytime. You can learn to take great portraits at F2. You probably should practice that before going to a 1.2. The resolution doesn’t matter for social media much if that’s your goal. So an R6 would be fine, not that it wouldn’t anyway.

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