Dell XPS 15 FHD+ 16GB/512GB laptop option

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Re: Dell XPS 15 FHD+ 16GB/512GB laptop option

noisebeam wrote:

I am strongly leaning toward this latest XPS 15 for photo editing and am mainly looking for inputs into considerations especially ones I've not considered.

Currently it is $1660

Or I could get the 32GB/1TB version for $1960.


FHD vs. UHD: FHD seems more practical and I can/will use external mon.

I've used full gamut Adobe RGB monitors before and liked the result (I print with front to end calibration) but think I don't want UHD display as it would be too fine a pixel on 15" and I can (or will) use external monitor. My eyesight is relatively poor.

I wouldn't try to talk you out of FHD, but just a slight alternative view: the text is no smaller on a 4K screen, as Windows automatically scales text.  The default scaling on 4k 15 inch is 250%, which makes text just as readable as on a FHD screen.  In fact to my eyes (normal vision but nothing special) text is clearer on a 4k screen, as each character is made up of more pixels, and they are better formed on the screen.

However, there are still a few programs that don't scale well, and FHD is slightly simpler.

16GB vs. 32GB: 16GB should be fine for all but the most complex still editing, is that correct?

512GB vs.? : Enough for OS/SW and recent images, but more storage will be a necessity.

Ideally I'd have the both a 512GB plus a larger 1TB 2nd one but not sure if the XPS can take two. I am OK with not having all my images local and using external drives.

Yeah I want a laptop vs. better value desktop.

[My current way out of date desktop (QX9650 processor, 4GB RAM, multiple storage drives largest being 1TB) primarily runs Capture One with 24MP RAW files but expect larger in near future. With so little memory it struggles with stuff like many layers but surprisingly works for most editing with occasionally a bit of patience.]

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