X-S10 shutter sound? Feasible upgrade path from Canon 5D mkIII?

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Re: X-S10 shutter sound? Feasible upgrade path from Canon 5D mkIII?

lazerbean wrote:

I am intrigued by this camera - it lacks some of the retro charm of the earlier Fujifilm cameras, but apparently offers great value and what looks like a very simple and straightforward user interface that may actually be more effective (for me) than the retro UI fujifilm are usually associated with.

Yes great value for a camera with ibis... It's aimed at non Fuji users & seems to be working. A lot of people are interested in it.

What no reviews so far have mentioned is: How is the shutter sound on this camera? Is it the same as X-T4, is it louder - what does it compare to...?

Not sure but I don't think it would be much louder...I haven't seen anything bad mentioned about it.

Is the AF really as good as the X-T4? (or X-T3 after the latest FW update?)

Yes they all the same.

Would love to hear from people that have had the opportunity to handle this camera, what they think.

I think only a select number of people have been using a pre production body & there's plenty of videos on YouTube about it...no "real world user reviews" yet I believe.

I'm debating if I should just go with a couple of X-S10's rather than two Canon R6's - the latter are probably better, as they should be considering the price difference - but is it really worth it, especially as I will need at least two identical bodies? I am having a hard time justifying the ridiculous expense of two new Canon RF system bodies and a trio of RF lenses...

Yes I wouldn't go with the R6...too expensive especially if you use the big & heavy RF glass...

Would love to hear from other Canon shooters if you are wrestling with the same idea, and what your thoughts are - not to mention real-life experience if you have been able to try out both systems.

I switched from Canon M & my experience is all positive. There are plenty here that have come from Canon dslrs and even R.

I love the Dual Pixel Af on my 5D mkIV - can I expect the eye AF on the X-S10 to be a good substitute? Right now I really miss having the dual pixel Af in the viewfiinder of my 5d4, so I expect the x-s10 to feel like an upgrade in terms of getting the eye AF inside the EVF.

I would say so. If you want bigger & better evf than have a look at xt3 and xt4 if you need ibis...maybe get one of each? These 2 cameras offer a lot more features over the X-S10.

My main reasons for switching/upgrading would be the usual mirrorless advantages - less mirror/shutter noise, lighter weight, WYSIWYG EVF, more accurate AF - and cost savings versus FF.


What I am afraid to lose is dependable continous AF, as that used to be the achilles heel with earlier generations of Fujifilm cameras (last time I dipped my toe into Fujifilm waters was with the X-Pro2). Would you say the Af tracking ability have now reached a point where it can track running subjects dependably for action photography?

Yes AF has improved a LOT...you can see from the threads discussing xt3 with latest firmware. Of course R5/R6 will be better at action though so if it's mainly for that then look at Sony maybe.

I expect the newer Fujifilms will pretty much close the gap with regards to dynamic range compared to my older 5D's. And the new 50 f1.0 will hopefully provide all the bokeh I need for portraits.


Yes dynamic range is great on Fuji & even the 56mm f1.2 or Viltrox 56/85 will give you plenty of bokeh!


Good luck with your purchase decision.

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