Which to choose: 56mm f1.4 Sigma / AD200 Godox ?

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Which to choose: 56mm f1.4 Sigma / AD200 Godox ?

I often make contributions on this forum, and claiming to know it all.
Looking for compelling arguments myself this time.

Roughly in the same ballpark, price-wise, are the Sigma 56mm f1.4 and the Godox AD200.

I use flashes and I have a Godox system; I love low-light high-bokeh primes too.

What the Sigma has going for it: Its name keeps creeping up everywhere. Different forums. Facebook. Reviews. And always with high praise. It feels like this XKCD comic .
The Sigma would be my longest prime with the widest aperture of all my lenses.  Would probably use it for portraits, street/night and bar-concerts.

What the AD200 has going for it: Totally a studio flash without wires.
I already have the remote to control it and the flash(es) to be the fill- and hairlight. Looking forward to do high speed sports photography. I am allowed flash during training but to be honest: flash in sports photography is rare.
I might learn to use it outdoors.

I have: The 12-40 and 40-150 pro's, so 12-150 at f2.8.
The 17, 25 and 45mm at f1.8.
Unlikely to get the 75mm because the long length limits its use.

Flashes: Have the Godox TT685 and TT350, with an X2T to control them. Trying to stay below 1/2 power of the TT685.

I have a preference towards low-light lenses that I can stop down, rather than universal 12-100 F4 lenses that have been stopped down for me.

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