Screen going black when using Thunderbird

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Re: Screen going black when using Thunderbird

sshapiro wrote:

Check under Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced and see if you have hardware acceleration enabled. Having that on sometimes causes problems.

Good thought. In my copy of Tbird it's under Tools > Options > General. Hardware acceleration is on and one that I wasn't aware of "Enable global search indexer" is on. I'll see if my black blinking happens again and if it does, I'll turn both off and see what happens.

A thought that just occurred to me is that we've had two momentary power failures in the past week or so, before my Tbird black blinking problems.  We're having a lot of rain lately with threats of thunder storms, though the thunder storms have not happened in our area.  Wonder if coincidentally there were momentary drops in a/c voltage, not outages,  that coincidentally happened while I was composing email in Tbird.  Weather is clearing up now so hopefully that will help.

Thanks for your input,

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