Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 pancake?

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Re: Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 pancake?

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Wow it's tiny! But no IS it seems...

And no Macro. This cheapo lens is precursor to the next entry-level R body (along with that rumored slow standard zoom).

I don’t need either feature, but no IS means Canon is nudging people toward IBIS bodies. Or, could all of the future R’s perhaps have IBIS? Or is Canon just trying to maximize R5/R6 sales while they can.

I do hope this lens focuses faster than the new RF 85/2. Personally I’d rather be spending $600+ for a good 50/1.4 USM with ultra-quick AF.

Has anybody here used the RF 50/1.2L + R5 for fast-moving sports? Is the 50L’s AF fast enough?


I am surprised people shoot sports with 50s................

I know some people that use 50 (or even 35) for hanging out behind the basket for basketball photos. And a lot of people shoot small school sports where getting courtside is never an issue.

As for the 50 1.8, it looks disappointingly like the awful nifty fifties we got on EF mount. Holding out hope that they worked some magic with coatings and newly designed elements as the 35 1.8 is small and (mostly) good. But I'm a little surprised. It looks shorter than the 35 which is odd considering the longer FL. We will see

It doesn't do macro or have IS which helps with size. Technically it would only need to have the front element about 50mm from the sensor. The mount is 20mm deeps, so lens could be 30mm-ish long (or just past an inch).

Or I guess it could extend when powered on, but I hope not. That makes for fragile lenses.

I'd like a 24-28mm this size as well to pair with it.

A 28-30 would be perfect. 24 is a bit wide for general use in travel. Hopefully slightly smaller. They could in worst case go all the way to 2.8 but perhaps something in between.

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