Need picture of gutter while cleaning and monitor on ground

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Re: Need picture of gutter while cleaning and monitor on ground

flowersnapper44 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if there is a way to buy a camera and monitor seperately.

My objective is to mount a camera on a pole to clean my gutters and attach a monitor at waist height on the pole so I can view what I am doing.

Could anyone tell me if and how this could be achieved relatively cheaply.

A company called spinaclean do a professional version called skycam, but it is very expensive.

Any thoughts and recommendations would be most appreciated.

Kind regards


This is really the wrong set of forums to ask about this, because it concentrates on still photography using dedicated cameras. You want something completely different. What I would suggest is that you get yourself a very inexpensive 'IP camera', something like this:

(I hope the link works, I trimmed all the padding of it)

These will likely give good enough quality for your purposes, and is very inexpensive, so if it falls off the pole, or you smash it up against something, not much is lost. Your 'monitor' is then a phone or tablet.

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