Adobe Photoshop 2021 vs Luminar 4 - Sky Replacement

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It is obvious t that Adobe has included the new Sky Replacement feature in Photoshop as a direct response to Luminar, and it can be easily reasoned that as Luminar refines this feature, Adobe will attempt to more than equal that company's efforts. Adobe will have no problem doing this, as they have huge dollars and developers who are more than up to the task. All of which leaves us with a bit of a double-edged sword.

Companies like Skylum, On1 and Topaz gained a solid foothold in the world of photo development and manipulation when Adobe decided to transform Photoshop into a subscription model. These companies boasted that customers would only have to pay a one-time fee and the software would be theirs forever. And that sales strategy worked well enough to win customers from the Photoshop Empire.  Of course it was all nonsense, as new versions of these software programs charged customers in the same way that Adobe does.

But now various companies may be deciding to copy Adobe's strategy of resorting to yearly subscriptions, rather than sales, and this might put Abode into a much stronger position. Since customers would have to subscribe anyway, it would only make sense to go with a company that offers the best overall value, and that, I believe, is Photoshop/Lightroom.  As always, companies competing with Adobe will try to innovate, but with fewer customers they may not have the resources to do so. If this is the case, it will be a tragedy, as I think most of Photoshop's improvements are a direct result of competition.

Currently, that I'm aware of only Topaz is resorting to subscriptions, officially anyway. And I think that's ultimately going to blow up in their faces. Their improved AI filters probably are quite good, but not to the point where people have to subscribe to them every year. I think people are going to stick with the Topaz programs they already own until the competition passes them by, and then the company is going to have to resort to an about-face.

I can't help thinking that this will be true, as well, for the other companies competing with Adobe. And when the subscription-based strategy is implemented, customers will abandon these companies for Photoshop, with the result that Adobe will then  have little impetus to improve its product.

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