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As someone who went from the 400 DO to the 500L II, the focal length bump is very welcome. I didn't expect to care at all because I never felt under-gunned with a 400mm, but it was immense for a 100mm difference and I could go back. Any 400mm for me now has to be supplementary, which effectively takes the DO out of the picture for me.

Personally, I'd say hold out with your 100-500 and see what's on offer when the RF's are announced. You'll either get a discount on a EF lens or a new RF mount lens with great a new functionality. That said, if you do run into a killer deal on a 500L II, know that it will be difficult for Canon to make a meaningful improvement. They may shave 2lbs off, but that has come with a penalty on the two new super teles. Neither is as good with TCs as the version II's.

Thank you for sharing this. I do like the enabling performance of the 400mmf2.8 but do use the 1.4X TC iii most time and sometimes the 2X TC iii. It is heavy though even without the TCs so I have to use a tripod or a monopod. I have never heard any thing but good about the III big whites. I will be on the look out for the use with the TCs. I doubt my older version will do more than 6 fps on the R5 and may have other limitations. Before I worry about that I have delivery of my preorder.

Also note, "not as good" isn't always terrible. The 400L III, is a little softer with both TC's, but really only noticeable on the 2x. And even then, its not old Nikon bad. But the 600L III gets a little worse yet on both TCs. Again not terrible, but definitely a step back from the II's. That said, I think the 600L II was Canon's best lens ever, so it was always going to be hard to best it while compromising the optical solution to lighten it. Some people prefer quality over convenience, others vice versa. You just have to decide what you're willing to sacrifice.


I really appreciate what both you and others have been sharing about the new  EF400f2.8L III being not as good.   I do not have to upgrade then unless RF400f2.8 blows in out the park which is unlikely. My 400f2.8L I is incredibly sharped despite the patina and wear of time on the paint job.  The really works even with the 2X.   It is a few pounds heavier but not a big deal since I use a tripod or monopod without problems.  Quality is most important but I thought newer might actually better with more layers.  I rebought a bunch my short telephotos and Canon primes to II or III upgrade after they glowing reviews for awhile when I get a good price.   The EF 400f.8L is my biggest cost lens even though I bought it 10 years old and used.

The new RF lenses like the RF 70-200mm and smaller and lighter than my EF 70-200mmf2.8 I & III lenses (I have two for two shooters).  However I do not like the new RF lens even though is is smaller and lighter.    More plastic.  I like metal.  I like internal focus for solid and long term rugged.  My old EF lenses adapted I will keep.  They better for me with quicker end to end zooming with bettter control ring action.   Others obviously love this lens but I am sticking with the classics on this issue.   I did get the RF 15-35mm and 24-70mm with IS because I think they are slight better utility than my excellent EF 16-35mm III and EF 24-70 II that I still use on the 5DIV.  These RF upgrades have IS and the ultrawide 15-35mm has he very useful and important 15mm capability.  It may be only 1mm but is a lot when you are tight spaces.  The autofocus speeds using this RF trinity lenses seems a hair faster too.   With Covid I have not be able to real accurate comparions in demanding applications.  I think the speed is speedy and all the RF mount cameras work well with them.   So I am keeping all my EF L lenses and only buying selected RF lenses as the value of them for me becomes apparent.  There are more lenses in RF mount coming and I doubt I will buy very many of them. Time will tell

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