Collapsing Building

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Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

BrownieVet wrote:

Horacecoker wrote:

What gives you the right to humiliate the OP?
He is a BEGINNER clearly asking for help in the issue of, as he call, "Collapsing Building" which you did not even addressed.
Moreover, all the krap you spewed are nor only irrelevant to his question.

I disagree. His question was directly about particular problem, sure. But the fact of coming here for advice shows an interest in learning; and as appropriate exposure is an important thing to learn it's a good thing to point out his problem.

Pointing out an error isn't humiliating: it's just the start point for helping improvement.

Pointing out an error and offering advice is all very well and done in an appropriate manner, is to be applauded but I agree with BrownieVet; that post wasn't presented at all well.

On top of which, much of the 'advice' that it contains isn't particularly accurate.

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