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Just curious if you actually received your R5 body yet or a delivery estimate? Seems the B&H gods are having some fun taunting me. After my order from 7/17/20 changed from "backordered" to "order in progress" last Thursday, 10/22/20, my order has just sat there with that status for a week now. Which isn't a big deal, except I'm seeing others who ordered from B&H later than I did who already have their cameras in hand.

This doesn't fit with the B&H narrative of R5 bodies shipping out on a "First-come, first-served" basis as I, and many others have been told.

So just curious if you actually received it yet, or are you in a holding pattern as well? Or did you at least get a Delivery Date estimate. I feel like a little managing of the customer's expectations would go a long way in helping B&H not look so bad. 30+ years shopping with them and never experienced anything even remotely close to this level of frustration.

I also received mine from B&H on Monday 10/26, I ordered 8/3. Thats weird your 7/17 order hasn't shipped. I was extremely p'd off when I found out that some ppl who ordered in Sept had already received their orders with a $200 off promo! I was able to get that promo added to my preorder but some weren't successful. Click HERE to see a thread on CanonRumors about the promo.

There was a guy named MtSpokanePhotography who even screenshot his B&H order HERE where it shows him ordering on Sept 15 and it arriving Oct 2nd! I sent this to B&H and they said: "I am very sorry as we advised we fulfill all orders in the order they are put in to our system. We would not be able to look up the attached order information without an order number."

I would be emailing them, asking them for the $200 off, asking them why your order is still "in progress" and asking them to make it right with a gift card. Maybe not all at once, but for sure the $200 off.

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