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Re: The 200-600mm will keep my Sony for a while

Georgeee wrote:

I will have 2 bodies, one Sony to go with Sony lenses and adopted EF lenses, one R5 to go with RF lenses and adopted EF lenses to take advantages of both

That's exactly what I will do too, i got quite a few really nice Canon lenses so it will be easy for me just to add a R5.

But there is a lot of great lenses on the Sony system I will not give up, besides the 200-600, I really like those Zeiss Loxia and Voigtlander primes, and just for those lens, I will always keep one Sony body, there is also a 12-24 F2.8GM, i don't own one but I have the chance to play with that and I have to say that 's really the best super wide I have ever seen,  In fact, i am also considering to get Z7 II later or whatever update Nikon will bring out next, since those Z mount lenses can be easily adapted on the Nikon system, that way i get the best of both world, mounting the lens I like on a body I like.

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