Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 pancake?

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Re: Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 pancake?

PicPocket wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

Maybe they realize that hardly any 50mm primes have stabilization and most people don't have a huge problem maintaining 1/60 shutter speeds with an f1.8 aperture available.

But there are wider lenses like 35 1.8 that defeat that logic

I didn't say nobody needs IS for anything or that no lenses should have it. I'd rather have it than not. But certainly it is easy to live without on a 50mm. And if the priority was size and cost savings, it's an easy thing to lose.

Maximize R5/6 sales? Nobody is buying a super expensive camera just to stabilize a cheapo lens.

I use both cheap and expensive lenses. Works fine for the right use case. Not every lens I want needs to be thousands of dollars. Though, I agree that this can't be the strategy to sell more R5/6. That would be very shortsighted in an industry where lens roadmaps are planned for the long run

For the entire 30+ year history of the EOS SLR system, from 1987 to today, there was not single stabilized 50mm lens option. How did we manage?

Same way we managed without electricity for thousands of years. Or more closer - without AF for decades

Hardly the same. You need to focus for every scene. Stabilization on short lenses is hardly to that level.  It's a minor convenience that helps keep your ISO low in limited circumstances and with limited subject range.  You don't even need it for video, as the EIS is amazing in Canon R/Rp.

It's more like how we managed without automatic doors at the supermarket or online bill pay.

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