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Re: Sony to Canon?

I didn't switch per se, but rather added an R6 and an RF kit to my existing Sony kit (and sold off my Fuji and Sony APS-C gear that I haven't used much in the past year).

I have an A7R IV with a full complement of lenses, and while I still would consider that my 'main' kit, I've been using the R6 a lot more the past month, partly because it's new, and partly because it's just a really enjoyable system to use.  The camera is more comfortable to hold, the AF is exceptional (even a tick better than the A7R IV), and the IBIS is at least two stops better than Sony's.

There are still some things I really like about my A7R IV (mainly the insane resolution, and the great lens selection), but it is possible I may migrate more fully to Canon over the coming year or two.  We'll see how things develop.

Both systems are outstanding at the moment, though, and I think it's only worth doing a wholesale switch if you are dissatisfied with your Sony, or there is something the R5 does that is incredibly interesting to you, as the switch will be costly, especially given the current lens selection, which consists predominantly of very expensive glass.  I have three RF lenses (35/1.8, 85/2, 24-105L) and then adapt EF glass to fill out the other gaps due to cost.  Would love to see Tamron and Sigma port their E-Mount glass to the RF mount, as the 14-24mm DN Art and the Tamron 70-180/2.8 are just outstanding lenses, and affordable (and relatively compact) too.

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