Sony to Canon?

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Andy David New Member • Posts: 18
haha, the old wait 6 months or a year!

Don't be gullible.  Sony has had 26MP BSI APSC sensors for a few years and shutters capable of max 1/18000th of a second.  They left them all off their high end APSC cameras though because Sony doesn't want their cameras to compete against each other.  Only the A9 will shoot 15-20 FPS.  No other Sony will get as good video specs than the A7Siii.   Its just the way Sony works.

Like past hoax rumors you might end up waiting 6 months and get nothing.  Then you'll fall for another hoax and wait 6 more months (remember the A7000?) Its not worth the wait.   I can take a lot of pictures in 6 months.

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