M6 Mark II interface cable Locked

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Re: M6 Mark II interface cable

Also, and I'm possibly going into paranoia overdrive now, what about buying things like cables from (sometimes hostile) other countries.

There are some ongoing issues here in the UK with acts of hostility and aggression from the likes of Russia and China. The head of security services both here and in the US have been quiet open about the dangers posed by these Countries through state sanctioned acts.

When I buy a cable or anything else I want to plug into my equipment from a country, Can I fully trust that it is 100% safe? With the ongoing Huawei spying debate, that any company under the control of the Chinese government will act for the Chinese government etc. Does that then extend to the people of China - all vendors?

Or am I falling for the noise around complicate trade deals? What has the world turned me into?!

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