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Re: Wide angle Lens for Nikon

tclune wrote:

And, as a bonus, a more normal focal length is much less fidgety to use. I wonder whether a zoom that goes down to 16 or 18 mm might not give better overall results. Just a thought.

That's my thinking as well. I've done a lot of architectural interiors, and I find that 18 mm (or perhaps just a bit wider) is enough for nearly all wide angle interiors taken with an APS-C sensor.

Folks like using an ultra wide because they want to get the whole room in the photo, but is the whole room interesting? Or will the wide shot mainly get large areas of blank and uninteresting ceiling, floor, and walls?

Distortion is a major consideration: things to the sides will of course look stretched, and converging vertical lines are always a problem, but another issue is converging horizontal lines—particularly on the farthest wall—which can make the room look non-rectangular, and so care must be taken to align the camera not only with the back vertical, but also with the back parallel to the far wall.

Cropping is always a possibility to avoid these problems, but if cropping is the norm, then a longer focal length is called for.

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