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Re: M6 Mark II interface cable

I have another concern regarding cables - perhaps more appropriate for a general cable thread . I often wonder about the dangers of buying unbranded cables from private sellers online through Ebay, Amazon and the like and the potential dangers of Trojan Ware (or should that be Trojanware/ Trojan-ware)

Many purchases suggest to the seller the income bracket of the buyer - and could indicate a potential worthy target for online crime. I usually avoid buying peripherals from smaller scale sellers and sellers with little sales history, and often wonder how easy it would be for an unscrupulous operator to infect my equipment (inadvertently creepy sounding again) with a mining virus (is that even a thing?) or similar.

Once again, and I throw this open to the group. Am I being overly cautious (or even paranoid)? And, if I have these concerns (I do have these concerns) is there anyway simple way to test items for such issues?

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