Wide angle prime FX lens for Nikon D850

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Re: Wide angle prime FX lens for Nikon D850

sjstremb wrote:

As they say, individual results may vary so please take my comments here with that understanding. I was lucky enough to get a loaner 21mm Zeiss for a D810 I had at the time and photographed a week of Mardi Gras in New Orleans with it, switching off with a 20mm Nikon 1.8 I owned. For the bulk of the work I do, street photography and landscape, where the lens was stopped down usually to f8, in MY experience, I was not seeing enough of a difference to warrant the extra $$ a Zeiss lens would have cost me. Yes, there is a difference in the image quality but usually in post I could get them pretty close. the biggest difference between the two was what I might call mid level contrast. Perhaps wide open there is a more noticeable difference but I rarely if even shoot that was so my advice is to consider your own individual working process.

Your points are well taken. I owned the Nikon 20/1.8 at one time and found it to be a great value for the money, for the limited landscape shooting I do. However, I eventually sold it to purchase a Nikon 20-35/2.8 for my first trip to Havana in 2016 for street photography, coupled with my D750 at the time. In 2018 I sold the 20-35 when I bought my D850 and picked up a Voigtlander 20/4, again for street, paired with their 40/2 Ultron. I’ve gravitated toward faster glass, too, because I usually shoot more wide open, though it’s a challenge with hyperfocal, etc.

My appreciation for Zeiss and Voigtlander glass lies primarily in their ergonomics (weight and feel), as much as it is about IQ. To compensate for the cost, I usually buy used which brings the cost closer to (new) Nikon gear. I’m pretty invested now with a very nice Voigtlander lineup, so unlikely I’ll bring home another Zeiss lens anytime soon.

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