Which camera to go with my Sigma 100-400?

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Re: Which camera to go with my Sigma 100-400?

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I have a Sigma 100-400 Ef mount. I have 2 choices for a camera to use it with. A Canon 7DII and a Sony A7III with MC11 adapter. Which would you use for wildlife photography and why?

Personally, I wouldn’t use either of those two bodies for wildlife. However, if you’re limited to only those two, I’d select the 7D2 for EF mount comparability without the adapter.
ive been through four 7D2’s and was never impressed with the hit rate for action shots. For Still Still’s, it worked oK.

The A7lll does not have enough resolution, as cropping is, more often than not, necessary in wildlife photography. A heavy crop will usually resort to an image of only few MB resulting in loss of detail. That would require enlargement software for large prints... if you print. Additionally, using the adapter has it’s limitations. Otherwise, I’m sure it’s a fine camera with Sony native lenses. If you had the choice of the A7lll with a Sony 100-400, I’d select that combo despite the lack of resolution.

I disagree with this for the most part. My A7III does just fine with wildlife and I tend to crop a lot in post. And while I wish for an A7RIV my photos still come out just fine. 24mps is big enough to crop as long as you don't go crazy and crop 200%.

That is your prerogative. However, it hasn’t been my experience. If there were no difference, Sony would not have released the A7R4 which many are using for wildlife over the A9/ll... including everyone I shoot with. The A7lll is doable, but it all depends on what you’d like to get out of your photos.

No, that's my opinon, not my prerogative. And that's my experience with MY A7III. "Sony wouldn't have released the A7RIV or A9II?" What kind of comment is that? Sony wouldn't update any cameras because of the A7III? Wow...

I'll be upgrading my A7III at some point. Depends on what the A7IV offers. If not? It looks like the A7RIV for me.

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