A6600? Good camera to start with E-mounts?

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Re: A6600? Good camera to start with E-mounts?

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I don't have A mount lens but I think A6600 works better with the new LAEA5 adapter for A mount lens. So something might be appealing to you. It is also the highest tier you can go within Sony APSC even though some people complain it does not have enough difference to separate from either the A6500 or A6400.

Good to know. I other than looking at prices and model numbers, I really don't know much about the APS-C E-mount cameras.

Yes the A6600 is the best aps-c sony has in e-mount, this is bot a starting point, at this moment this is the end point for apsc. Maybe a future realease will change that

The apsc lenses are kinda limited? But if it has the lenses you need it really is a great small tool with great dynamic range and iso and AF performance.

So like any camera, find out what system you wanne use, select a body that delivers your specific needs. After that you need to find out what kinda photos you wanne make, i can imagine with your 40 years of experience you know what you like and need. Now this was the easy part, The lenses is even more important, does the system have’s your needs as a photographer. If you shoot primes, i think the apsc sony lineup because of the sigma lineup is a great setup. When you want that level of sharpness in a zoom, your choices are very limited.

The Full Frame Sony E-mount (FE) has a wider range of great lenses, even a great zoom lens setup for a very affordable price range, like the Tamrons and Sigmas. It is bigger, bulkier.

I guess the next question is at this point is it worth spending the extra money for the A6600 over the A6500 or A6400? I am going to research that. As far as initial lens choice, I'm going to think about that a bit.... go full frame (more choices) or stick with APS-C? I was leaning toward a "good" kit lens as the initial lens choice. I'll still be using my other Sony stuff. When I started using Sony APS-C stuff, I started with a kit lens. I don't even list those in my gear list, but there are three basic Sony lenses that came with the bodies. The A77's were the only bodies I bought without a lens. I do like the short zooms even though I know primes are generally better in terms of resolution.

I know that only I can answer some of those questions as ultimately the choice is mine. I appreciate the responses and the assistance as it refined my thinking at this point.

The A6500 was my last apsc camera, really liked it. I won't mind paying the extra money on the A6600 over the A6400 if my goal was getting the Sony 16-55 F2.8, which is an awesome zoom lens, but a bit pricey...

At this point we own a A6400 because we have the 18-135 OSS! which serves us well, great little lens. I myself upgraded to a FF A7III and that's why i sold mine A6500.

The A6400 is my wife's camera. (she comes from the A6000), the reason why she got the A6400 and not the mine A6500 was video orientated, the A6500 dims the screen when you shoot 4K and the A6400 does not, + it has a nice vlogging screen option. For Photo's i think they both haves  + and - points, Where the A6400 has better AF and newer color sciences(in jpg), the A6500 has good AF and IBIS.

Now the A6600 has all the stuff the A6400 has, except the build-in flash. It has a bigger grip and a bigger better battery(same as the FF body's). Now the AF part is tricky, where the A6400 laks some options on the video side, the A6600 doesn't. On the photo side i think they are the same.

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