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Re: M6 Mark II interface cable

Wow, two people read this! I feel like a celebrity!!

Thank you so much for this response. It's not a subject I fully understand and I am perhaps overly cautious when deciding to pop an unbranded lead or cable into a piece of equipment. I ruined an expensive cordless drill last year by going off the reservation, and caused a phone to spark with a cheap lead/charger cable.

My main worry was, if damage or problems occur, where that leaves me legally with the warranty. I am intending to use the M6 in conjunction with Dragon Frame stop motion software. I will subject the cable to longer than usual use, so I. felt it was more prudent to source the highest possible quality product - this would then be a short hand and save me having to review or worry about other brands or unbranded products and compatibility issues.

Am I being silly or over cautious? Well, yes that does sound like me. I'm on a low income and I have saved for this camera for a long time. I've research compatibility on all the other elements of my animation set up over a long period, but I've not paid too much attention to potential issues with the cable. I was just hoping that Canon would say "here, use this cable" etc. That didn't happen initially so I had to ponder for a while about the various knowns, known knowns and known unknowns. I think I may have a problem and over complicate things in order to achieve what I feel is peace of mind.

I feel though that your post has educated me for the future and made me feel far more confident about an issue that has slightly confused me.

Thank you very much again for your response and expertise.

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