Wide angle prime FX lens for Nikon D850

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Re: Wide angle prime FX lens for Nikon D850

As they say, individual results may vary so please take my comments here with that understanding. I was lucky enough to get a loaner 21mm Zeiss for a D810 I had at the time and photographed a week of Mardi Gras in New Orleans with it, switching off with a 20mm Nikon 1.8 I owned. For the bulk of the work I do, street photography and landscape, where the lens was stopped down usually to f8, in MY experience, I was not seeing enough of a difference to warrant the extra $$ a Zeiss lens would have cost me. Yes, there is a difference in the image quality but usually in post I could get them pretty close. the biggest difference between the two was what I might call mid level contrast. Perhaps wide open there is a more noticeable difference but I rarely if even shoot that was so my advice is to consider your own individual working process.

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