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Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

pizzalover wrote:

Just some more photos i took i want to find to tell what i did wrong in these two

It's not necessarily a question of wrong but of what you are trying to achieve in each case. My first question is why you make your photos so dark: if it's because you want them dark and moody that's OK even if many of us would prefer to see more if what's in the picture.

In both cases here the bottom section (roughly a quarter) of the frame is blurred. That's because of something called depth of field ((DOF) You can overcome that by focusing on something nearer than the camera; you'll need to look at the camera user manual to find how to do that.

Other than that I quite like the first picture, although there's a bit too much of the concrete edging - I'd have swung the camera slightly to the right.

In this second one I can't work out what you are trying to show. If it's the dramatic sky there isn't enough of it and the presentation (low saturation) deprives it of most of its drama.

The camera is pointed downwards, which is what makes the fence look tapered toward the bottom. And it introduces that large area of absolutely nothing; keeping the camera horizontal would be better.

If you want to show detail of everything else in the picture you need to increase exposure by abut 2 stops (again, refer to the manual for how to do that on your camera).

Okey i get what you are saying thank you very much!

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