peaks design wrist strap or shoulder strap for Z6

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Re: Question for ArmchairPro?

D Lynch wrote:

ArmchairPro wrote:

I have the Leash and I don't like it.

I also have the Cuff and it is good. But its function is different from a shoulder strap because it constantly occupies your hand and you need to put into the camera bag when you don't use the camera

Question: Why don' t you like the Leash strap?

Back when I was first starting to use mirrorless equipment, I realized that PD straps would solve problems by taking up very little space. When I am using and storing my cameras and gear.

I had 3 systems on the go. I bought their simple camera strap (forget the name) and wrist strap. I ended up with this combination for each system. I put aside my Black Rapid strap that had a huge cushion and a suspect carabiner mount. I needed a larger camera bag just to carry the strap!

I used the PD strap on my D300S and grip. However, it became tiring after 1/2 a day's use. I went back to my Domke strap.

I use a PD strap on my a6000 which has a heavy lens mounted. I can disconnect it quickly if I'm using a small camera bag; ; however, I curse the PD connectors. They get in the way on a small camera. Buttons get pushed.

I use the PD wrist strap a lot on my RX100-2 Thank heaven I still have the 3rd generation connector. None of the others fit on this camera.


I want it neat and tidy, and don't like that when I put down the camera the strap near the camera will open up (as shown in the red circle above) and also shift position.

I end up finding a shop which sells handmade knitted strap, fixed length at my order.

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