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Sean English wrote:

So, I'm a realtor and would love to start doing real estate photography on the side. I'm studying Photoshop and Lightroom plus anything else on youtube and internet I can get my hands on. (Currently reading Lighting Interiors by Scott Hargis) I don't own a great camera yet. Just a Nikon D50 which I tend to hold on to and practice with, edit some pictures before diving in for possibly a Nikon D7500. I don't have a wide angle lens yet. Trying to go step by step and economy till I'm confident. Can I buy a wide angle, decent for REP which will fit my D50 and then have it fit my future D7500? Are they interchangeable within Nikon brand? Can you suggest one?

The particular type of Nikon you have and are contemplating, which Nikon calls 'DX', is not the best furnished for wide angle lenses. It depends what you mean by 'wide angle'. A 'standard' lens for your camera is 35mm, and anything with a shorter focal length is 'wide angle'. Somewhere below 16mm is what gets called 'ultra wide angle'. The problem with the available lenses is that they tend to be slow (have a small aperture). This isn't a problem for real-estate photography if you're willing to carry a tripod. If so, Gerry Winterbourne has already suggested the Sigma 8-16, which is a very good quality lens and give you ultra wide-angle. Unfortunately there are no wide-angle 'fast' lenses for DX Nikon cameras.

If you want to upgrade at some point, and want top specialise in that kind of photography, you might do well to consider a different camera. The D7500 is an excellent camera, but wide angles are its weak point (like most APS-C DSLRs). You could either get a 'full-frame' DSLR, which can be quite economical if you buy used - look at prices on Nikon D800, for instance. The downside to this is that whilst your 'wide angle' would fit, it would not cover the whole frame. However, the D800 has a DX mode which will still give you better results than your D50, and could then take a fast wide-angle when you get one.

Or you could look at the newer mirrorless cameras, which have much better wide-angle coverage, including some fast lenses. The Nikon Z50 might be a possibility if at some time in the future brands like Sigma extend their lens coverage to it. It would accept your existing lenses via an 'FTZ' adapter. Otherwise, it would mean changing brand, which would lose you full-function use of your Nikon lenses.

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