Capture One Pro 20 - applying styles to layers

Started Oct 29, 2020 | Questions thread
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Re: Capture One Pro 20 - applying styles to layers

Bbawt1 wrote:

I have a mix of styles in my collection. Some came with Capture One, some I got from other users, and some I made myself. I've noticed that when I right-click a style, there are 3 options: apply to background, apply to selected layer, apply to new layer.

Some styles give all 3 options, some two, and some only allow applying to the background layer - the other options are greyed out. I can't figure out what is preventing a style to be applied in some cases.

Anyone have ideas on why this happens?

I checked the C1 site and found this:

but it doesn't address why some are different.

You say you have a mix of styles. Maybe if they are pre V20 they do not work on layers, expecting to be used on the background layer. Also, I don't think B&W adjustments work on layers.


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