Z5 for 1080p video or Z6ii ?

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Re: Z5 for 1080p video or Z6ii ?

mu7z wrote:

Many thanks Peter and Richard for the helpful advice. I think the only thing I can now do is revisit the store and demo the cameras again. I'm not sure what they had the Z6 strapped to, but it weighed a ton compared to the Z50 and the A7ii. It might have been the L-bracket contraption. I really need to revisit, because I was thrown off of the Z6, a camera I have long sought, after this demo.

Richard B99 wrote:

I’d suggest you think about a Z 50 1.8 for indoor video. No it’s not an everything lens but indoors it’s really useful. First, the wide aperture really helps with lighting. 2 stops

more with the f4 and higher needs 4x the light which is quite a bit harder to achieve without serious lighting (which isn’t so great to work under for extended periods. Then, of course is the narrower depth of field which is really useful in smaller spaces. So saving some money for a silent AF lens like 50 is worth consideration.

Excellent point, do you find the 50mm focal length a bit too long? Peter brings up the interesting choice of considering the Z50, as well. If I use a 35mm 1.8 on the Z50, that would give me a lens I could keep when the time is to get a full frame. Honestly, I'm kind of leaning towards full-frame and full-frame glass, since that does seem like where the future is w.r.t. Nikon's roadmap, but I might need to hold off until a Z5ii is out or the next Nikon iteration, would I suppose would be in at least 2 years. The Z50 is looking like a better straight 'video' camera than the Z5, but the Z5 does look like the better 'photography' camera.

For video work, I would find the 50mm on the DX too long but I don’t on FX.  At least for head & shoulder work.  I considered the 35mm but it turned out too wide for my work but it maybe different for you.  I had tried the older 50mm 1.8 G on a FTZ.  It actually worked well but it’s AF rattles constantly and is really tiresome.  It was a shame really as I already had the bits for that setup!  The S lens is a far better quality lens for everything but the IQ superiority is less noticeable on video but the silence and I think slightly snappier AF is really good here.

You may find you don’t need the 1.8.  I didn’t at the beginning use it initially but came to it from f4 by experimenting so wanted to pass it on to others who might find it useful.  The first thing that stuck me was the significant background defocus difference at the distances I was working at.  It’s much easier for others to watch and not be distracted by my bookcases!

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