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Re: Professional Sensor/Mirror Cleaning...

Just a thought or two.  Firstly, the presence of the mirror in front of the sensor means that you are more likely to get stuff - in my garden, it's often pollen - on the mirror than on the sensor.  Replacement mirrors are available - as has been discussed recently in this forum.  I'm not sure (but @SQLguy will know) whether it is possible to take a shot with the mirror removed - you would certainly need to change the Release Priority away from "Focus" - so as to demonstrate to yourself whether the offending spots are on the sensor (you would still see them on a photo of a white sheet at f22) or on the mirror.  There are videos for mirror change on U-tube, IIRC.

Secondly, have you considered wearing an anti-static bracelet and nitrile gloves when doing your sensor clean?  Is is it possible that you are actually attracting dust to your sensor rather than removing it?  Admittedly the men in my family are above average hairy, but we have to be careful touching electronic stuff - and metal door handles - to avoid undesired discharges of static electricity.

I used to send my A77ii to a camera store chain called Jessops (in the UK).  Now I am stuck at home in Italy, I bought this cleaning kit, and a sensor loupe (can't see the one I bought on Amazon in North America).  And when I clean it wearing my gloves, the result is pretty much perfect.

Anyway, good luck!

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