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Re: Don't believe it haha

Andy David wrote:

Steve W wrote:

Well I don't know yet but when ever my R5 arrives I will do a head to head comparison for myself. Shot Canon for 25 years with my last DSLR being the 5D Mark IV. Started shooting Sony in parallel with it originally to get a 36 then 42 Mpixel body that could use Canon lenses. After about three years of shooting both I moved over to Sony almost completely.
Did buy a EOS R last holiday season and was less than impressed (still have it though) but for Sony currently have A7R III, IV, and A9.

Just this past week decided to order and R5 after finally selling some other gear that allowed me to afford it. Don't know when it will arrive thought. May have to wait awhile.

Of course saw my first full rumor on the A7R V. It seems like the only unknowns is the sensor resolution and frames per second. Its supposedly will have the flip screen, menus, dual slots for CFexpress/SD cards of the A7S III, and the new high-res view finder. Thought to be available by April of next year. We'll see.

If you are familiar with Sony you know that their rumors are 99% wrong until about a week before a camera comes out. Sometimes the rumor sites are caught by surprise

What you are seeing now is people wishing for a camera like the R5 and taking the specifications for it and adding to a wish list. I've see a good number of comments asking for a camera to go up against the R5.

I am 100% that no one would know details of a camera slated for next April right now, and I have my doubts about an A7R5 coming so soon. An A74 is more likely if I had to guess.

I liked Sony cameras, but once I held an R5 I fell in love. This camera is going to last me many years. I don't need 50 or 80 megapixels and it will be many years before something comes along better than 8K RAW video without some external device. And 20 frames a second is too much for me. I tried it and ended up 300 pictures I don't need. haha!

I know there only rumors but every piece that is mentioned is already available so its a very reasonable to that he A7SIII and remove and replace sensor and processor and get the A7R V. But enough about that.

Vide for me is pretty much a don't care so the 8K is not even on my list of needs. I am concerned about the cost of the RF glass. Bought lots of prior EF L glass and GM glass but the Canon RF primes are much more. I'd say about 30% more. The zooms are only about 10% more.

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