Sony RX10 IV vs Olympus E-M5 III lens combo

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Re: Sony RX10 IV vs Olympus E-M5 III lens combo

tugatomsk wrote:

Hi, everyone!

I've always enjoyed street photography, or rather, travel photography, the one that demands being able to take shots from a variety of things whether they're close or far away. I also like a camera with good ISO performance because travel shooting at night can be a challenge without a full-frame camera. However, since I can't afford full-frame cameras, I'll have to settle for APS-C or smaller.

My Canon 60D, despite its age, has good enough ISO performance. The EF-S 17-85mm lens performs fairly good, except at the wide-angle where it's rather poor. I borrowed a Canon EF 70-300mm for a year. It was bulky, heavy and the image stabilization never quite really worked for me, including messing some of my shots. The focusing mechanism was slow and noisy. In the end, I was not really that sorry about returning it. The image sharpness was quite good, though.

However, over the years, I grew tired of its bulkiness. The advent of smaller and ever more sofisticated mirrorless cameras only made things worse for me..

Another point against the 60D is its 720p50 video quality and the lack of 1080p60, as well as the contrast only AF. I'm VERY tired of having manually focus while shooting video...

I also hate changing lenses while traveling, especially when I'm with my family. That's where the Sony RX10 IV. Even though it has a smaller sensor, I've read and seen pictures that showed how remarkably good that sensor is given its size; the Zeiss lens quality and sharpness across the zoom range are also impressive. Yet I still worry about the high ISO with that Sony... How good is the image stabilization on the Sony (so that I could keep ISO as low as possible)?

The 24-600mm (FF equivalent) focal range of the Sony is also one of the main attractions to me. Incidentally, I borrowed a Nikon P900 for a few months. Its phenomenal range was marvellous to me. The image quality was surprising good considering the 1/2,3" sensor, but it still wasn't all that great. Finally, the inability to shoot RAW, the lack of on-sensor phase-detection AF, the relatively poor ISO quality and subpar auto-focus at maximum zoom kinda ruined the whole experience for me.

Then today I came across the Olympus E-M5 III with its impressive 7,5 IBIS + OIS stabilization. I also really liked the small-sized body and the many ergonomic controls. It'd be a dual-lens system, I know, but at least the primary lens (the 14-150mm) would be able to cover a great zoom range nonetheless.

I did some research and the combo lenses that have a similar 24-600mm range (as well as a similar price point) are the Zuiko 14-150mm F4-5.6 II and the Zuiko 75-300mm 1:4.8-6.7. I read that the 75-300mm sharpness is not so impressive compared to the Panasonic Lumix G Vario 100-300mm F4-5.6 II Power OIS, not to mention it's not as fast. I wonder if the Olympus IBIS alone will provide the 7 stops (IBIS only) when using that Panasonic lens? Or should I just stick with the Zuiko 75-300mm?

In the end, the final question is: should I get the Sony RX 10 IV (or even wait for a future mark V) or the Olympus with the aforementioned lenses? Are the new generation of Micro 4/3 sensors a match for the Canon 60D's old 18MP APS-C sensor?

Thanks in advance.

- tugatomsk

Any reason you're ignoring the other big player in the M43 world: Panasonic?

Panasonic has a lot more IS lenses than Olympus, and all of their current bodies have IBIS and are Dual IS capable with IS lenses. Their video is pretty good too.

On the Panasonic side, you could go with the G90/95, either the 12-60 or 14-140 zoom plus the 100-300 you've already mentioned. All weather sealed & all Dual IS compatible.

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