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Re: Super-telephotos for the R5

Bogibbes wrote:

Hi guys,

First off, I'm a new Canon user, having got the R5 about a month ago. I'm coming from the Fuji ecosystem.

I originally bought into Fuji for travel photography, but over the years became predominantly interested in wildlife photography. I had been using their 200mm f2 lens with the 1.4x TC as my primary wildlife lens. At an equivalent 400mm f/2.8 I found it adequate for most of my photography. I left Fuji because I had always been a little disappointed in their AF performance, which compared now to the R5, is like comparing a bottle rocket to the SpaceX rockets.

Now that I'm over at Canon, I'm currently using the RF 100-500 lens, which is very nice, but I really miss having that fast prime experience and performance. I would very much like to get a Canon super tele in my kit.


My questions is this; if I buy a used EF super tele now, do you see the the resale value tanking once Canon releases the newer RF versions? I'd really like to get back to the supertele experience as soon as possible and as it could still be a few years before the RF's are released I'm thinking about looking for a used 500mm mk II to hold me over until then. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance!

Everything in the camera world tanks after a while, but I don’t think the price drops will be dramatic after the RF releases, as the RF Teles will be costly.  
The R5 works well with the EF Telephotos, so no worries there.  The 500 F4 ll is the best Telephoto lens I ever owned and regret selling it for the 600 ll.  The 600 ll is an excellent lens, but the size and weight has its drawbacks.  I used the 500 ll more.  The 500 ll is a great choice and you should be able to find one on the Fred Miranda site.  There were a lot for sale a few months ago, but things have thinned out and I haven’t seen too many advertised.  I think most people realized they would work just fine with the R5 and decided not to sell.  I kept my 400 DO ll and 600 F4 ll.  Now waiting on the 500 RF.

I have the Sigma 500 F4 which is great for DSLR’s, but very slow to focus on the R5... avoid this one.

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