Screws for Metabones smart adapter mark v Canon mount

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Re: Screws for Metabones smart adapter mark v Canon mount

nonproshooterdad wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

nonproshooterdad wrote:

I lost the screws for the tripod mount pad that attached the pad to the adapter. Can anyone advise what screw this is, and where I can find them?

I don’t have the MkV but presume that the MkIV is similar.

There are two countersunk head screws and two small silver locating pins that it might not 100% need.

The screw heads are stamped “HUA 10.9” and 10.9mm is the actual thread depth below the countersunk part. Total depth of screw including head is 13.5mm. Countersink outer 7.7mm inner (and and thread outer is 3.8mm). Is hex drive - I could try and check the thread type but it lookslike a metric fine to me.

They should be available from any serious vendor of screws.

Thank you for your help. What's diameter? That's main spec, like M6 is 6mm.

I think that Ernsts M4 is probably correct - my vernier calipers said 3.8mm - but I might have had them over-tight when measuring.  There is no doubt that the “HUA 10.9” refers to the actual screw thread length (add the countersunk head).

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