Nikon Z50: Is there ANY dummy battery available?

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Re: Nikon Z50: Is there ANY dummy battery available?

Hi Gediminas, and thanks a lot for that.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t speak Russian  . Any chance you could add subtitle ? ( I think google can auto translate it, but I am not

Do you also think it would be possible to connect it to a usb cable ? And then connect to a charger ?

Tks a lot.

Gediminas K wrote:

Baneslayer wrote:

I'm looking to get a Nikon Z50 and would like to use it for livestreams + Camlink 4k + OBS (like you can do with the Z6).

Problem is, to do this you need a dummy battery for unlimited camera runtime (it's not recording internally, it's just displaying the screen to OBS), and the Z50 uses a unique new battery, the "EN-EL25".

I haven't seen any dummy battery of this model anywhere online, and I'm wondering if there's any other method to keep the Z50 camera running indefinitely (or at least 2 or 3h) without shutting down or overheating.

I made dummy battery for Nikon Z50 my self from original Nikon EN-El25.

That is very simple, you need to disassemble EN-El25 battery, remove lithium cells, but leave controller board in place. Then connect two wires (plus and minus) to the controller board points B+ and B- respectively.

Then you need to make simple modification of the board to make it work: on the back side of the board you will see test points, small dots marked TP, you need to connect together point TP14 with TP15 with piece off wire.

That is all. Now assemble battery case with the controller inside with some super glue, and you have an adapter.

Other ends of the wire you van connect to the 7,4 - 8.4 v power supply, or to the external battery. I connected my adapter to NP-F battery.

I made video about how to do it, but it is in Russsian language, you can watch it here:

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