Equipment Suggestions for a Beginner whose Target is to Shoot Rock Concerts

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Re: Equipment Suggestions for a Beginner whose Target is to Shoot Rock Concerts

mostlyboringphotog wrote:

shriekyphantom wrote:

Good day!

I was inspired to start studying photography after watching many rock concerts (live and Blu-rays) and seeing some pictures of those concerts which were taken by the official photographers. Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge in photography but I have already started reading and watching some videos for the basic information.

As stated in the title, my ultimate goal is to shoot photos like those in rock concerts but I am not aiming to become a professional photographer. Just being able to shoot pictures like those is enough for me.

Here are some of the pictures that I was talking about:

With that being said, can someone recommend me a good camera and lens that will suit my current status? Right now, after buying a camera, I am planning to practice first on landscapes since they don't change much in a short period of time.

As for the budget, I really can't say exactly how much but as much as possible, I want it to be cheap but at the same time, I can use it easily for my ultimate goal.

Thank you!

I realize this will sound rather unkind but that's certainly not the intention. In fact, I admire your gumption to start from the top

However, for now your ambition is way ahead of any camera consideration.

First of all, unless you have stage pass, you won't get that close and many venues prohibit audience photography with "real camera".

And the stage lighting is one of the most difficult to master for a casual photographers. And the performers tend to move around, from near total darkness to the bright spot light.

If you are interested in photography, get some entry level DSLR (even a second hand gear) and either sign up for a photography class or some training video (but I recommend in person class) and start practicing.

Best easy-to-use cameras in 2020 in the Buying guide list some entry level cameras.

One thing you will learn first is that all those flash going off at a concert is totally meaning less...

Good luck.

Shooting really good pictures in a dark environment with dynamic lighting while your models don't stop moving is really the one that amazed me and inspired me to start learning photography and I know that it will be really hard and will take a lot of time and experience.

As for the distance problem, there are street performances or small live houses in our area where people or local bands perform and I think if you asked for permission first, they will allow you to shoot pictures.

In your opinion, since I am aiming for that kind of photography, which is better to serve that purpose? Full frame mirrorless  camera or DSLR camera?

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