Crop sensor Eos R7?

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Re: Crop sensor Eos R7?

a) the lenses coming next year include no RF-S lenses.

b) just about every RF APS-C rumor has said no RF-S lenses.

c) we don't know the price of the camera

d) regardless of L or non-L it really doesn't matter - you simply can't shoot ultra wide on a crop without a cropped APS-C lens. Yes you can use an EF-S lens, no it's no where close to optimum as a kit.

So i'm not sure where you are going with this.

If the canon is not providing aps-c lenses for the APS-C sensor size, then they are not going to do a full line of APS-C cameras. it's really that simple.

I agree. I think the "M" series will stay to suit the small body format and cheaper smaller type needs. The R7 type body will probably mostly have the purpose of satisfying those wanting more reach out of the big/long lenses. APSC was originally brought to market as a cost saving tool when FF sensors could not be produced cheaply. With cameras like the RP and it's future less expensive descendants, they don't need APSC to offer a more affordable camera to appeal to serious amateurs. This avoids Canon having to have 2 lines of lenses to suit the two different sensor sizes. If someone buys the R7 and wants to shoot the normal range, they have lenses that will do that, they just wont be as small as they could be. If size matters get an "M" camera!

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