Super-telephotos for the R5

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Re: Super-telephotos for the R5

It depends on what you mean by "tank," but I doubt you'll see lenses go down in value that much in response to the release of RF lenses. Glass holds its value quite well, especially in a system where older lenses can be adapted or used on newer bodies. And there are still an awful lot of DSLR users out there.

But if you really want to check, just compare prices of say EF lenses that are comparable to RF lenses already released. But the thing is that some of the RF lenses are just better lenses, and some of their initial cost points show this. Look at the 50mm 1.2s for example. Sort of apples and oranges, and I'd just guess that this is Canon spreading out lenses from baby bear 50mm 1.8s to EF 50mm 1.2 to papa bear (or would it be mama, to be less sexist?) RF 50mm.

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