X-H1 DIY sensor cleaning - anybody?

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Re: X-H1 DIY sensor cleaning - anybody?

Second post on Fuji,

I recently owned an H1 and xt20.

With all respect to the above, here is my experience, will not be the correct one but works 100%

Well, I own a lot of manual focus lenses and many of them are sitting without caps. The dust ends up on sensors, obviously.

I bought the special cleaning kit and followed a YouTube video to clean my Sony Nex 5, panasonic -g1 and Sony a7 with great results.

They got dusty against a year later, I had my glasses wipes (the one I use are bought from Lidl UK), they contain a solution that drys instantly. They have worked brilliantly. Since then (a few years now I have never looked back. Cleaned, I guess more than 20 sensors for me and my friends including those with Ibis.

2 simple advices : do not apply any pressure and let the wipe do the work. Secondly apply in one direction and do not use the dirty wipe side twice. One minute, job done.

I don't even have a blower, I just use the wipe but it is good idea to blow them first.


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