Z5 for 1080p video or Z6ii ?

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Re: Z5 for 1080p video or Z6ii ?

A few thoughts, I’m not exactly going to take a line on Z5 vs a 6 but I’ve been using the Z6 for conferencing and Recording for a while.  
Overall the 1080p is going to be fine from the 5 and either of the 6s.  But if you have any expectation that you want 4k sometime in future I’d go for a 6 as the 5s crop is going to be a pain and will likely force An upgrade  However if it will only be 1080 I might have been inclined to go 5 too.

mu7z wrote:

Hi all,

I've done a lot of research between these two bodies. I really love the Z5 layout, especially the ergonomics of the buttons all being on the same side. Honestly, I have no use for the oled top view panel on the Z6

Generally, the top panel isn’t a must have for me either.  However, it’s proved really useful when doing pieces to camera.  Cuts down on trudging round the camera so much and I can use the camera close to a wall too.  An unexpected consideration.

and would've preferred the Z5 layout instead. I know the Z6 will be discounted, but the Z6 has some features I can't live without, so my comparison will be with the Z6 ii, since it includes those required features.

I'm looking for an allround photography/video cam. I'll probably be shooting mainly photos, but need to record video for lectures and tutorials. For these purposes I am thinking 1080p might be good enough, and if not I could always upscale the 1080p footage.

Honestly, it really probably will be for those purposes.  I’ve been happy with that for similar.

Question 1: Is there an appreciable difference between the Z5 and Z6ii if I restrict myself to 1080p? I know the Z6ii is a far more capable video cam and can shoot 4k uncropped, while the Z5, is essentially "useless" at 4k with it's severe 1.7x crop. But at 1080p what are the differences (other than BSI sensor)?

Is the extra cost really worth it? I was hoping to get the Z5 because of the compact 24-50mm kit lens. I know it's not the highest quality lens, but it does seem like a very good quality "kit" lens.

I’d suggest you think about a Z 50 1.8 for indoor video.  No it’s not an everything lens but indoors it’s really useful.  First, the wide aperture really helps with lighting.  2 stops more with the f4 and higher needs 4x the light which is quite a bit harder to achieve without serious lighting (which isn’t so great to work under for extended periods.  Then, of course is the narrower depth of field which is really useful in smaller spaces.  So saving some money for a silent AF lens like 50 is worth consideration.

The reason for this decision, is it's compact size. I'm worried that the Z6 kit lens would be a bit too bulky for travel photography and casual outings. The cost difference is about 1k, but that includes the upgraded lens 24-70mm lens. I suppose I could wait to get the "pancake" lenses that Nikon is going to release at some indefinite point in the future. I would also have loved compact primes.

Another worry, are there record limits on 1080p or 4k? The recording often stretch to 1 hour. Perhaps I will need a hdmi capture card and record directly through OBS.

Yep, Peter has broadly covered this.  I too have an ATEM Mini and it’s a fantastic bit of kit for 1080p work.  Especially if you want dual cameras or more.  While I use the 6 for the main work I also have a downward facing camera (D3300) onto my desk and a small Sony RX100III iii.  With those I can switch to showing live notes / drawing / diags on the desk that your audience can see you working on and you cam point to things for them when explaining... while the little Sony shows PIP of me talking to camera (it’s a different perspective as the 6 shoots the top of my head when drawing).  It makes a big difference to the presentation and the ATEM allows me to do this on the fly.  Makes it a bit more fun for me too. 
Recording doesn’t need OBS with these setups either but it is an option.  Simplest is to record direct to (MAC here) QuickTime or something like that.  OBS gets you into the realm of cheap live streaming but if I were doing that I’m pretty sure I’d go the hardware route too now (ATEM Mini Pro or an add on unit to the base mini) but that’s a different topic!

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