Thinking of selling up dSLR system for mobile

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Re: I did it.

In my earlier reply I said I had used Pentax 35mm SLRs for a decade or few.  Even though I carried a few lenses,  I guess about 80% of the pictures I took were with a Tamron 28-70.  On long walks I just carried one body with the 28-70 on.  It's a good choice.

(for those of you who have never done anything but dial in the ISO sensitivity you want, it was an important day when Kodak announced Kodachrome 64, 3 whole stops faster than the Kodachrome 25 most of us had been using.  Then Fujichrome came along with 100 and finally 200 asa, wow!  I just cant get used to dialing in 800, 1600, 3200 or more...)

DXOmark do pretty thorough smartphone camera reviews.  Just the camera bit, you  need other sources to find out if its any good as a phone. Look behind the headline score though, it's an amalgam of all the features.  Look out for the things that matter to you - in my case I care not one bit about video.

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