Sony RX10 IV vs Olympus E-M5 III lens combo

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Re: Sony RX10 IV vs Olympus E-M5 III lens combo

tugatomsk wrote:

Anders_K wrote:

Try the Oly and get a wide angle prime lense too; for indoors, streets and landscapes.

IMO there 2 major use cases for zoom lenses
1) moderate zoom for image composition to avoid cropping in post-processing
2) long zoom for wildlife and fun shots

What is your use case?

I would say the second case.

This makes an easy decision.

Since large sensors require too heavy and expensive lenses, and small sensors suffer from noise, you are in the 1" or m4/3  sensor class.

The Sony RX10 IV is the best compromise, not perfect, but there it is, unless you are willing to reduce your zoom range, or lug around heavy gear.

BTW my personal compromise had been a Pansonic FZ2000 (admittedly I had been lucky to get a copy with real sharp lens) for half the price of an RX10 IV.

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