18-135 USM vs 15-85

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Re: 18-135 USM vs 15-85

msowsun wrote:

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

The real difference between the two is in their focal ranges. Just as 15mm is conveniently wider, so is the 135mm range conveniently longer. It's up to you as to which might benefit you the most. For me, 18mm just doesn't provide enough width when I travel, which is what I use my APS-C kit most for. My standard zoom on my 5DIV is a 24-105, an equivalent field of view on the wide side, so I may just be more accustomed to seeing that. My wife says that she enjoys the extra width, and also that the 15-85 is simply better balanced, not as long (especially when extended) as the 18-135. We are both shooting more video these days, too, whch the focal range of the 15-85 is simply more suitable for.

Good luck

Yes, I also prefer the 15-85 focal range over the 18-135.

You can always crop an 85mm image, but you can't "un-crop" an 18mm image.

I usually need the tele range over 85 more than the wider range under 18. For the times I need wider than 18, ICE makes it simple and easy to stitch a couple of 18's together, even to something wider than 15.

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