New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

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Re: New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

canonfan1 wrote:

I stop my lens down to F2 or smaller often, especially when the subject is close or there is more than one person in the picture.

Had the RF 85 F2 been available at the time, I would have chosen it, not just for the price, but for the macro focus. I use the macro focus on my RF 35 F1.8 often. There is alway something small and interesting to shoot, when you're out shooting bigger things.

For portrait/pet photography, would you consider the better bokeh of the 85 f1.2 worth the weight and price difference over the 85 f2?

The RF 85 F1.2 is the best of the best, when it comes to image quality. If my main purpose was portraiture, particularly if I shot in a studio and didn't have to carry equipment long distances, I would probably pay the price for it. I suspect that if you're going to travel and chase your kids around with it, that it will get really old really fast. I might get both, in that case, the F1.2 for studio and major paying gigs and the F2 for casual and travel opportunities.

My main genera is architecture, so that's exactly what I did there. I use what many think is the finest architectural lens in the world for promotional and fine art shots of buildings, the TSE 17. I shoot it on a tripod, and I am very deliberate and ponderous, when I shoot it. I also have a light cheap EF 17-40 for times when I am looking at property with other real estate brokers or clients and when I go out to shoot nature and wildlife with my 100-400, in case I see an interesting wide scene. I shoot that one hand held, and all of those shots are spontaneous. I will replace those two with the upcoming TSR 14 and the RF 14-35 F4 as soon as they come out, even if I have to sell my car and buy a cheaper one, because that's my thing. I have less expensive lenses for everything else, because I want to shoot everything else, but when I am shooting everything else, portability and price play a bigger role. I feel no strong desire to upgrade any of my other lenses.

If you want something better and faster than the 85 F2 lens, consider my lens. It sits right in between the two, price wise, and is very close in IQ and speed to the Canon cannon ball lenses. But it's not that heavy, and the diameter is small enough to comfortably hand hold.

Honestly, I think I should have bought a second body before I bought a third lens. Every time you change lenses outside, you expose the inside of the camera to dirt and moisture and risk dropping a lens or camera.

Thanks, so overall I guess you are advocating a buying trajectory like this?

1 camera body + 1 zoom + 1 prime

second camera body

1 zoom or 1 prime

I guess I am currently still at Stage 1 of this!

That's how I would suggest progressing to someone starting out. I had only one body for my first six years with a DSLR. I could not believe how liberating it was shooting with a second body, when I got my second DSLR. If you're socializing or traveling, it's not always convenient, but if you're out there specifically to shoot, it's great. Even for real estate shoots, I always have my old 6D with the EF 24-70 F4 to get detail shots or outdoor shots where it's possible to step back. I have two tripod mounts, one for each camera, because it's much faster and easier to swap cameras on the tripod than to swap lenses, but I only do that in really dark conditions. Most of my detail and long distance outdoor shots are hand held. The 24-70 is stabilized.

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That's my opinion, and it's worth what you paid for it.
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