New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

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Re: New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

My thoughts and what I did. My 2 cents and you get what you paid for it.

First to know where I am coming from: I have been shooting Canon Digital APS-C since 2000 with the D30 (Canon's first DSLR). I'm strictly amateur when it comes to photography, it is a hobby for me. I have a mixed bag of older full-frame and EF-S lenses.

I'm probably going to eventually get the D6 but then decided I couldn't pass up the deal on the refurbished RP + 24-240mm for $1199 (see link at end). or about $600 for the camera and $600 for the lens. I figure the lens will make a good travel lens and gets decent reviews. Although it depends on camera/computer correction to "work," it does work once processed and is automatic.  I will then treat the RP as a "backup."

I have heard nothing good about the 24-105 non-L so that is a throwaway. So I don't like the new $999 deal even though it is a "new" camera. If they had a deal on the 24-105 F4-L then I would consider it.

I'm leaning toward getting the 15-35 F2.8L as my next lens and then filling in with primes and maybe some other zoom in the mid-range. I find I use the shorter focal zoom (a 10-22mm EF-S) more than any other lens.

I will then play around with the RP to get myself reacquainted with Full-Frame (I shot some film before).

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