Lens hood for the EF M 18-150?

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Re: Lens hood for the EF M 18-150?

SnappyChappie wrote:

I just got the JJC LH-60F Lens Hood for the 18-150 EF-M and although it's 3rd party it is actually very good quality - solid feel, same shape as the Canon (AFAIK) with all the correct position markings and a nice texture to the plastic.

It cost GBP10.99, it can be had for a little less if bought from HK or China thru eBay but i wanted to get it from a UK seller - i don't know about in the US or Europe, etc.

Not as cheap as other ones out there but feels almost as good as the Canon version and is also reversible. Having the hood on this lens also makes it look and feel more balanced on the M50 as well as the usual practical benefits lens hoods give.

I also use the JJC LH-60F and can confirm that it is almost as nicely made as the original Canon one (which seems to be notoriously out of stock everywhere).

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