New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

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Re: New to Canon EOS R, seeking advice on gear

canonfan1 wrote:

Thank you Eddie for your very detailed thoughts.

Originally, I was thinking of going with this combination: RP body, RF 85mm f/2. I believe this provides good value for money.

Would this be a combination you like?

Yes.  I've seen sample photos from the RF 85 F2.  They look great.  There is a comparison on this forum between it and my EF 85 F1.4.  At F2 on both lenses, the differences are barely noticeable, with my EF having slightly warmer color and slightly smoother bokeh, but very slight.  The RF is slightly sharper.  The RF has 0.5-1 macro focusing, which my EF does not.  My EF is faster focusing.  None of the F1.2 lenses are fast focusing, because they have to move so much glass.

I stop my lens down to F2 or smaller often, especially when the subject is close or there is more than one person in the picture.

Had the RF 85 F2 been available at the time, I would have chosen it, not just for the price, but for the macro focus.  I use the macro focus on my RF 35 F1.8 often.  There is alway something small and interesting to shoot, when you're out shooting bigger things.

An interesting day time one lens option is the RF 24-240. Kids and dogs move around a lot. You either have to plan the shots, limit the shots, or be ready for any shot.

I was actually considering the RF 24-240 as well then thought a bit more and am not sure yet, but think a higher quality lens might be better for my purpose? My view is it might be better to get fewer high quality pictures than more lower quality pictures? Of course, being a beginner, I could just be going down the wrong track in my thought process.

The RF 24-105 F4, which I also have, is noticeably better.  105 is not that long, though.  You will want something longer, for playground shots and sports, if your older kids play.  That will mean lens changes in the field or a second body.

Honestly, I think I should have bought a second body before I bought a third lens.  Every time you change lenses outside, you expose the inside of the camera to dirt and moisture and risk dropping a lens or camera.

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That's my opinion, and it's worth what you paid for it.
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