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Everyone, THANK YOU! Now I understand why its happening and what I need to do different. Also, thanks for showing me how it can be fixed,

In addition to what was said above, I think a wider angle (which you would be using if standing closer) will exacerbate the problem, as a wider angle distorts more. If you can get further back and zoom in, you'll have less rounding.

For photographing buildings, they used to use view cameras or "shift" lenses that could move relative to the film plane. Perspective correction in post is cheaper and easier.


Shift lenses are really just ultra-wide lenses (which the OP already has) with cropping in the camera. The film or plate still has to be kept exactly vertical to avoid converging verticals in the building.

Shift lenses have a larger image circle and a mechanism to move the frame within the image circle so that it gives the desired view while keeping the sensor plane vertical. Most commonly the lens is shifted upwards (or the sensor downwards) so you can get the whole building in the frame, yet leave out most of the lawn, road, parking lot or whatever irrelevant foreground you want to eliminate.

That is cropping of the image in the camera. Only a part of the image circle is used.

Of course, in that sense all images are cropped as they record only part of the IC. But with a shift lens you get the full AoV and resolution of your sensor whereas with a normal WA lens you'd lose some.

There's no cropping of the sensor area involved as opposed to when cropping or keystoning with a WA lens so quite different beasts.

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