Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

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Re: Sony A7Rii and Sony/Zeiss 35mm F2.8 v Fuji X100V

drmarkf wrote:

I’ve been on 6 pro-led street photography workshops in various countries since 2015, and I can only recall 2 attendees (other than me) with full frame Sonys (and I only use mine for low light & night street shooting). Everyone else was using m4/3 or APSC during the day (especially Fuji and Ricoh, with a handful of A6xxx bodies).

There’s a reason for that, while the other reason explains why FF high-Mp Sonys are now justifiably so popular on landscape workshops.

The OP needs to decide which way he wants to go.

True.  For street, fixed lens compacts are popular.  I do street photography projects in a number of cities from Seattle, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Tokyo.  I have seen the same type of thing you report on street workshops.  But like I said, it all comes down to the output media, and how they are processed.  I have some of my street work in my DPReview gallery...I prefer contrasty b&w photography for street.  Unfortunately, the web is filled with gurus who don’t do street photography...but try to talk like experts.

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