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Just wanted to get your thoughts.

By default camera comes with it set to Always, but i feel having IS moving constantly battery could not last as long and also what about wear and tear on the inner parts of the IS?

I kinda like the Only for shot but sometimes it does not give me confidence it only applies IS when shutter is fully pressed.

I think the best setting would be for Canon to add is when half pressing shutter IS will kick in.

The IS options you're referring to only pertain to non-stabilized lenses.

When a optically-stabilized lens is used with the camera, the menu you're referring to (Shooting, tab 7, first item) is grayed out. The IS switch on the lens barrel controls both OIS and IBIS, in this case.

When a non-stabilized lens is attached to the camera, you get the options you mentioned.

If you select "Still photo IS" to "Always" and put your ear to the camera you'll be able to hear the IBIS constantly working.

If you select "Still photo IS" to "Only for shot", put your ear to the camera and simulate taking a shot with a pause at half pressing, you will notice that the IBIS already starts at this first step.

When Canon says "Only for shot" it does not mean that it will be activated only when the shot is taken.

IBIS requires a minimal ramp up time to work best, so it is only logical that its engagement is made right at half press, as can be confirmed by the close listening, as I mentioned.

Also, by listening you will also notice that the noise is much more "dry" and "aggressive" when the "Only for shot" is selected, as opposed to the "Always" option, which makes the IBIS sound more "domesticated".

This seems to be an engineering attempt to compensate the lateness of the IBIS activation when "Only for shot " is selected by making it more "snappy" in those circumstances.

I am sure, though, that this not fully compensate the lateness of the activation.

When an option is presented, in engineering concepts, it means there are trade-offs between those options.

In this case, "Always" depletes battery but "Only for shot", while sparing said batteries, might not allow the IBIS to work at its possible best.

The way I found to deal with this was to select "Always" and force myself to get used to physically switch off the camera when not in use.

It addresses both this problem and the main one which is that the optical-IS equipped lenses have the IS always on, anyway.

Hope this helps.


When half pressing it does not start IBIS only when fully pressing


Put your ear against the camera, half press the shutter button, move the camera from one side to the other, up and down. The sound is quite high and aggressive, as I mentioned.

If it does not sound, something must be wrong because mine certainly does.


Maybe because the lens I'm using. Sigma 50mm 1.4.

I've tested with a Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM DG ART.

So when it's on Always i can here the something moving inside but i would not call it aggressive.

I did not wrote it sounded "aggressive" in "Always" but rather in "Only for shot".

May I suggest you read what I wrote more carefully?


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