Opinions on Negative Lab Pro, and digitisation generally.

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Opinions on Negative Lab Pro, and digitisation generally.

I haven't been that active on the film front for a while, but having effectively been forced into retirement by the Covid -19 pandemic I have lots more spare time these days and thoughts have turned to negative and positive film, and digitisation.

I have soldiered on with an old Epson flatbed scanner for some years now, always conscious that I am not getting the best out of my slides/negatives.  I have read with great interest the various discussions regarding digitisation, and I think I have concluded that digital camera capture is going to be the best way forward - I think...

If I was going to replace my flatbed I would go straight to the top of the range Epson.  The alternative of a film scanner would likely be a secondhand Coolscan, which costwise could be slightly more or slightly less than a V850 say, though I would probably have to forego the facility to scan 120 film.  To date this is the only option I have considered, mainly because I can't get over the hump of inverting colour negative film, post camera capture.  I have tried various ways in the past and whether I don't have the patience or the technique doesn't matter, I can't get satisfactory results.

Then along comes Negative Lab Pro.

As I said earlier, it's only lack of time and procrastination that has stopped me investigating this, and I was prepared to be under whelmed, but having had a play with the trial version of NLP I am very impressed.

This seems to have removed my main disincentive to going ahead with the camera capture option.

But having said that, I am so impressed with what NLP did with my old Epson scans I now wonder what it would do with a "proper" scanner...

I particular, a decent flatbed such as the V850 would retain the medium format option.

I'm 75% committed on the camera capture anyway as I already have most of the hardware, and it could be just a case of buying the ES-2 adapter, though again this rules out 120 scans.

I'd like to investigate all the options of course but it could be an expensive exercise, I could buy a lot of film for the price of a secondhand Coolscan.

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